MACHISMO’S,   2018 Machismo, a spanish term that derives from the term macho and is originally associated with the ideal role of men were expected to play in their communities. Macho cultures are expected to possess and display bravery, courage and strength as well as wisdom and leadership. It’s a man’s responsibility to provide for, protect and defend his family. Spain has a macho culture, with high expectations of what it means to be a man. I asked spanish men to describe their personal view on what masculinity means to them.


 How is your masculinity reflected in your current live?




  • “In summer I work on the beach with pedal boats. I work about 12 hours every day, I don’t have a single day off. It might sound amazing to spend a lot of time on the beach, but actually it is a lot of physical and exhausting work. You need a lot of dedication to do this job, since you need to carry heavy boats in and out of the water many times a day. I am doing this job for 7 years already. I think masculinity for me is, to be a strong and traditional men. “











Machismo’s, Albert, 2018























 Would you describe yourself as masculine?




















































































































































  • “I don’t feel like i’m more male then female, I think we are all basically male and female.
    I just feel like a person. I think the differences in them are the ones we create, by culturally making each other feel like one thing or another. I think the base of it all should be love, and making the right decisions. Where we feel equal everywhere we go, with no differences.”

































  • Machismo’s, Diego, 2018

































    •  What does masculinity mean?


  • “What masculinity means to me? Well the most important thing is to feel good with yourself so you can be good to others. I think I am a very masculine men. I don’t think masculinity is to be a macho men, but to be an authentic men and to be happy with yourself. Also to have respect for others, especially women. Also to take care of your own looks, for yourself and for others.”






  • Machismo’s, Antoni, 2018